Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do.
— Brene Brown

Why do it?

Embracing Identity focuses on the tenet of Montessori teacher education -- the spiritual preparation of self. We believe that self-awareness in the context of racial structures, bias, blind spots, and a critical understanding of how racism in the United States has routinely created different outcomes for people of color is necessary to developing an anti-racist teaching identity. We believe that critical consciousness starts with developing personal racial identity narratives. We believe that having a supportive community makes this work sustainable and helps us stay true to the process, even when it gets hard.

How does it work?

Embracing Identity is structured into five online sessions of 90 minutes each over the course of 5 months. All sessions take place on Zoom. This platform gives participants across the country access to Embracing Identity and to each other. The detailed scope and sequence is shared below.


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Course Overview

+ Session 1: Introduction to Cohort: Welcome to Embracing Equity

In this session we begin with introductions to one another, the curriculum, and the pedagogy we will use in our online learning environment. As a community, we will establish group norms and agreements to create a brave space for growth.

+ Session 2: Racial and Ethnic Identity Development for Self

Before joining session 2, we will have assigned pre-work readings and videos to build foundational knowledge for our overarching discussion questions.

In this session on racial and ethnic identity development, we will use the case study method to discuss specific scenarios based on real-life examples, and build our moral memory and capacity to respond to oppression with resistance and clarity.

+ Session 3: Critical Consciousness and Cultural Humility – Awareness and Affirmation of Racial and Ethnic Identity

Before joining session 3, we will have assigned pre-work readings and videos to provide opportunities to self-reflect on our individual critical consciousness and awareness of power.

We use this knowledge and reflection during session 3 to affirm our identities and build our collective consciousness in solidarity with one another.

+ Session 4: Transforming Society – Taking Critical Action and Activism as a Montessori Educator

Before joining session 4, we will have assigned pre-work readings and videos to dive into examples of critical action and activism in many forms. We use the case study method to again reckon with dilemmas and build our consciousness of invisibilized power systems and structural racism.

At the end of this session, we will assign a “Critical Action Project” for every participant to engage in the creative process of resistance and activism.

+ Session 5: What's Next?

In our final session, participants have the opportunity to showcase their Critical Action Project and gather feedback from the cohort.

This marks the final session of Embracing Identity, but shows how the nature of social justice work is a circular, ongoing process with a continuous call to action.

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