We operate under the premise that we live in a racist society, and that teachers can and should be powerful levers to dismantling racism and socioeconomic inequity.

No matter how well-intentioned or how well educated most Montessori educators are, dismantling racism is not something educators inherently know how to do or feel confident addressing. Embracing Equity is the first of its kind in Montessori education to explicitly address equity across schools and geographic boundaries.

We believe that coming together as a community to engage deeply with this work is critical to the work of embracing equity and is the core of Montessori education.




We bring personal racial justice to the field of education. Our culturally responsive and oppression sensitive online learning modules, professional development workshops, Montessori teacher education trainings, keynotes, and consultations engage people from a “preparation of self” mindset. These projects are deliberately designed to be helpful in your own racial identity development and day-to-day anti-racist teaching.



Our approach disrupts white supremacy culture and systemic oppression by fostering awareness of self (as a racialized being) and the implicit and explicit racial bias in education. Building our individual and collective critical consciousness is necessary to radically re-imagine an equitable education movement that meets the needs of our racialized world.

ways to learn


Cohort Based Learning

The Embracing Equity framework guides people through the preparation of self to consider the personal challenges of engaging in equity work, to consider the development of a mission and vision for equity, and to build the capacity to develop actionable plans to sustain professional development learning. The framework is one that is based not only in adult learning, but also in the assumption that any work based in equity and dismantling inequity is love and humanity restoring work. Our cohort-based learning supports people in their own racial and ethnic identity development and in identifying clear critical action steps.

*NOTE* In addition to Embracing Equity, Embracing Disruption and Embracing Liberation will be offered soon! Sign up to join an upcoming cohort and to stay updated on developments!



We work with organizations to do in-person workshops that center around building both the foundational language to have brave conversations related to diversity and the relational trust as a team. We believe that consultations about diversity, equity, and inclusion for Montessori schools should come from a Montessori mindset as it is the true core of Montessori pedagogy to honor the full identity of each child and to prepare an environment that is just. Our workshops are deeply aligned to Montessori philosophy and support participants in their own individual work of dismantling inequity and embracing equity.


Interactive Speaking Engagements

We are available for interactive speaking engagements at both large and small venues. We offer a comprehensive transformational program that brings participants through key stages of equity work through the use of cooperative activities and personal reflective journals. While all individuals are in different places on their journey toward understanding and advocating for equity, the interactive speaking engagements are designed to meet people where they are, and help them go further and deeper.

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Past events include: Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), American Montessori Society (AMS), Wildflower Schools, Harvard Graduate School of Education



We partner with Montessori Teacher Education programs for complete consultation services, including curriculum design, staff training, the development of strategic plans for organizational growth, accessibility to online learning tools, and equity coaching. While Montessori programs excel at teaching cosmic education and talk a lot about peace, most Teacher Education programs need more structured support when it comes to teaching a historical and genuine portrayal of justice. Our consultations with Montessori Teacher Education programs prioritize equity and access for the next generation of Montessori education.