Mission statement

Embracing Equity supports the growth of educators who will embody the critical consciousness necessary for a liberating education by providing scalable cohort-based learning programs to current and future educators. We aim to facilitate a deep preparation of self in one’s own identity, positionality, and capacity to embody an anti-biased, anti-racist education.


“Human history teaches us that peace means the forcible submission of the conquered to domination once the invader has consolidated his victory, the loss of everything the vanquished hold dear, and the end of their enjoyment of the fruits of their labour. The vanquished are forced to make sacrifices, as if they are the only ones guilty and merit punishment simply because they have been defeated. Meanwhile, the victors flaunt the rights they feel they have won over the defeated populace, who remain victims of disaster. Such conditions may mark the end of actual combat, but they certainly cannot be called peace. The real moral scourge that stems in every people on earth is marked by one wave after another of such triumphs and such forms of injustice, as long as such profound misunderstanding continues to exist, peace will definitely fail to fall within the range of human possibilities.”  -Dr. Maria Montessori, Education and Peace


vision statement

The diversity of the Montessori teacher community will reflect the diversity of America's children, and every Montessori teacher will be to do their work from a place of understanding their own identity, the way race and ethnicity impact their students and their relationship with their students, and with confidence and the capacity to do effective anti-racist work with students and colleagues.