Professional Development Programs

Cohort-Based online Learning

  • Build the capacity to develop actionable plans to sustain professional development learning

  • Support people in their own racial and ethnic identity development

  • Dismantle inequity through humanity-restoring work based in love

  • Identify clear critical action steps for sustained work

I signed up for the Embracing Identity cohort seeking information about racism and the systemic effects in education. Instead, I healed.
— Britt H.


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Embracing Racial Justice in Self & Systems
This five-day experience is centered around building one’s racial literacy and ability to engage in courageous conversations about race. By deepening their capacity to identify and name systemic racism, this workshop guides participants through a process of fostering relational trust as they investigate the ways in which their actions and beliefs may be contributing to white supremacy culture. Each participant creates a “Critical Action Project” that they share and then receive feedback on from the community in order to take the anti-racist principles they learned back into their communities.

The Embracing Equity Workshop was powerful. It was a trust building opportunity for the entire team. It was about learning everyone’s truths and accepting them with open arms. Everyone was so welcoming, accepting, and open. There was no judgement and nothing but love being felt.
— Lisa S.

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Embracing Foundations
This two-day experience is focused on building foundational knowledge and language to better equip folks with tools to engage in racial equity work. Through the use of experiential exercises and collaborative learning practices, this workshop guides participants through a process of self-reflection, team building, and consciousness raising to support participants in their advocacy for racial justice in their communities.


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Embracing Wholeness
This one-day experience is centered on exploring identity and fostering environments that invite a full expression of one’s self. By utilizing the Montessori philosophy, this workshop supports participants in their own individual work of dismantling inequity and embracing equity and provides guiding principles for participants to begin cultivating diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities.

There are many aspects of our culture that uphold white supremacy and continue to undermine all of us. Through Embracing Equity, I learned that I, as a teacher, am perpetuating systemic racism with the procedures I set up in my classroom. I now feel enlightened to set up classroom in ways that resist white supremacy culture. I feel empowered with information to keep me conscious of embracing equity with my learners.
— Sandi B.

Training & Resources

Embracing Equity Montessori Certification Course:  A Complete Anti-Bias, Anti-Racist Program


Certifying Anti-Biased and Anti-Racist Montessorians to ensure all children have the opportunity to receive a liberating education for a future of equity and justice for all.


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  • Transform Montessori teacher education by providing a meaningful learning journey and education experience for adults who are committed to racial equity and libration

  • Equip educators to guide all children to fully live in their purpose with joy and love, where race and bias do not dictate outcomes

  • Provide an accessible pathway for all teachers to attain Montessori certification

  • Lift up the voices of Montessori teachers of color to share wisdom about the historical roots of Montessori education and intuitive communication with a deep understanding of systemic oppression and collective purpose


Embracing Equity National Montessori Residency

Coming Soon

The Embracing Equity Residency Program is designed to support the retention, growth and success of social justice teachers of color. The goal of the Residency is to provide:


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  • An affinity-based, cocooned learning environment

  • Individualized and small-group coaching

  • A critical structural analysis of racial inequity and critical action steps/tools to make sustainable change


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