Embracing Equity Leadership Residency Application 

This Leadership Residency program is aimed at those people within an organization who have demonstrated a prior interest in anti-racism, have shown a commitment to working for anti-racist change, have taken leadership in promoting such change and wish to play an educational role in the organization with respect to anti-racism.

Thus, the purpose of an anti-racist Train-the-Trainer program is to develop people within an organization who would:

  • provide training to others in the organization,

  • serve as role models, and

  • be resources to the organization by being equipped with the design and facilitation skills needed to conduct anti-racist programs for their colleagues and others in the organization with a commitment to assisting in the creation and maintenance of an anti-racist organization.

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Please select your top three outcomes from the Embracing Equity Leadership Residency that are most significant for you. *
Self-Reflection *
I am able to process educational activities about racism (ex: understand your own positionally, consider different frameworks).
I am able to design educational activities about racism.
I am able to facilitate educational activities about racism.
I am able to evaluate educational activities about racism.