Embracing Racial Justice in Self & Systems


Embracing Racial Justice in Self & Systems

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Only 40 Spots for a 5-day Training!

This five-day experience is centered around building one’s racial literacy and ability to engage in courageous conversations about race. By deepening their capacity to identify and name systemic racism, this workshop guides participants through a process of fostering relational trust as they investigate the ways in which their actions and beliefs may be contributing to white supremacy culture. Each participant creates a “Critical Action Project” that they share and then receive feedback on from the community in order to take the anti-racist principles they learned back into their communities.

“The Embracing Equity Workshop was powerful. It was a trust building opportunity for the entire team. It was about learning everyone’s truths and accepting them with open arms. Everyone was so welcoming, accepting, and open. There was no judgement and nothing but love being felt. — Lisa S.

  • July 15-19, 2019 (Monday-Friday)

  • LOCATION: Cincinnati, Ohio

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