Speaking for Ourselves Teaching Guide

By Maribel Valdez Gonzalez and Lorena Germán
15-minute read

Dear Educators,

As a member of the Speaking for Ourselves reading committee, it was an absolute honor to read and experience the stories of People of the Global Majority. Some of the pieces resonated with my own experience as a daughter of Mexican migrants, as a mama, and as an educator learning to navigate trauma-inducing, traditional K-12 spaces. All of the pieces in this book speak to the journey of liberation where we speak our truths, powerfully take up space, and create spaces that are truly equitable for all. 

I give thanks to Daisy Han and Lorena Germán for bringing this anthology to life. They are forging a path that will make way for people of the global majority to be heard, seen, and valued. They are unapologetically carving out spaces for people, young and old, to tell the stories of those of us who have been historically shut out. 

I give thanks to those who wrote down their truths and consented for it to be shared publicly. Their words are a gift to those of us who are seeking an end to white supremacy. 

This lesson plan is an offering to the Speaking for Ourselves community, for K-12 educators & beyond who want to decolonize their classrooms by honoring the voices and experiences of the global majority. These stories speak to the beauty and resiliency of Black, Indigenous, Asian Pacific Islander and Latinx people. 

Please adapt this lesson plan to fit the needs of your student community. Thank you for making the choice to disrupt centuries of inequitable, oppressive schooling by choosing to hold space for these conversations. 

With Gratitude and Solidarity,
Maribel Valdez Gonzalez

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Speaking for Ourselves   Edited by Lorena   Germán   and Christine Daisy Han

Speaking for Ourselves Edited by Lorena Germán and Christine Daisy Han